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​Year 2 Tackle the Brain and Body

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As part of their studies on the human body, pupils in Year 2 paid a visit to We the Curious for an enriching ‘Brain and Body’ workshop. Through the use of digital microscopes, x-rays and real animal skulls, the children gained a greater insight into the capabilities of their own amazing bodies.

The staff at We the Curious were extremely supportive, encouraging the children to identify some of the key human organs and their functions, as well as explaining the more difficult subjects of what we need in order to survive, how we get energy through food, and how humans compare to animals.

One of the more memorable exercises, and one that the children couldn’t stop talking about long after the trip, was based around the topic of lungs. As a group, the children had to pass a sheet of paper over their heads, demonstrating how big our lungs are when stretched to their very limits. Another engaging activity saw Eddy set fire to some icing sugar by blowing on it through a tube; helping the children to see how many teaspoons of sugar are in one calorie.

During the afternoon, the workshop took a more technical approach as the children began to understand how equipment and techniques (such as x-rays, MRI scans and microscopes) can help us to learn about the human body. They used special microscopes that examined the outer body, shedding a light, literally, on the pupils’ hair, fingernails and skin.

This was followed by a fascinating workshop comparing the differences in human and animal brains. As part of their investigations, the pupils used dry chickpeas to fill the skulls of animals, measuring just how many each could take. They explored lots of different animal brains, including snails, dolphins and even a crocodile. The children had lots of fun figuring out which brain belonged to which animal, and what species was the most intelligent (spoiler, it’s the mammal!).

It was a truly mesmerising day, and we have no doubt that the children will be sharing their newfound brain and body knowledge with friends and family for the foreseeable future.

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