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It is with enormous pride (and a very big sentimental lump in my throat) that I wish our fantastic Year 2 children the very best of luck as they leave our Pre-Prep nest and fly away to their new adventures at the end of this week. They have been a wonderful group of children who have each contributed to our community in their own special ways and shall be genuinely missed by all the staff who have guided and nurtured their journeys to this point. The last few weeks have seen them immersed in rehearsals for the Summer Show and I cannot fault their commitment to working as a team to make it an incredible performance. Leading the Summer Show is an honour bestowed upon Year 2 each year as it is in many ways the finale and culmination of their time in Pre-Prep. They all have speaking parts and their time on stage is significantly greater than anyone else’s. This brings a great lesson in responsibility for them as they know the success of the show lies in their hands and will depend on how well they work together. I have been most impressed with the swiftness at which they learned lines, the natural acting talent that lies within many of them and of their confidence in contributing their own ideas for stage direction and choreography. I have no doubt they will make us all proud on Thursday morning.

The end of this week will also mark the end of a journey for many Pre-Prep families. I have had the pleasure of seeing some of these children grow from ‘bumps’ into the confident, happy children they are today. The relationships we build with the families of the children are so important and I believe this is something we do well. I would like to thank all the families who have come to the end of their Pre-Prep journey for the loyalty, support and friendship they have shown to us over the duration of their child’s time with us.

I, and all the Pre-Prep staff, look forward to watching the children continue to bloom in Prep after a very well-deserved summer holiday!

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