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Will it rain will it not? Inside or outside? These were the main worries going through my mind on Friday afternoon. I needn’t have worried as it stayed dry and we had our BBQ outside, although some opted to eat it inside! Mrs Webster started the evening off with a game of Charades (she does a great impression of a dinosaur!) as we were waiting for the last few bits of our supper to be barbequed. Once the BBQ had been demolished we separated; Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 went swimming and the older ones went to the front field with footballs, rounders and cricket, and scooters. At 8pm the younger ones went in to get ready for bed and the older children braved the winds and went swimming until 9 pm - nothing better than a game of pool rugby to keep you warm! It was a busy night with 70 children boarding but having exhausted them they did all settle quickly. Then up again at 7 am and staff, with the help of the children, stripped and remade 70 beds before breakfast, possibly a world record! It was a great evening and always lovely to see so many new and excited faces.

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