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As we joined in with the nation to raise money for Children in Need last Friday I was not expecting to feel the enormous sense of pride that overwhelmed me when watching our children take part in their self-chosen sponsored race. I, along with my colleagues, was astonished by the stamina, determination and dedication of the children as they ‘ran for Pudsey’, especially when despite being hot and exhausted they continued to push themselves to achieve another lap of their track. I am sure that some of this determination was fuelled by a competitive streak of running further than their peers, but there were also examples of children who will often opt out of running who astounded us by being some of the ‘last ones standing’. The original plan, as designed by the children, was to run as many laps as their legs would allow, but fears for the health of those who clearly had their ‘Duracell batteries’ in led us to calling ‘time’ before they expired from heat exhaustion! However some children went on to run more laps at playtime in a bid to raise even more money for children less fortunate than themselves.

The children had set a target of raising £200, which we thought would be a worthy challenge. How I underestimated the generosity of our wonderful parent body as the current total is already a massively impressive £1,150 with more monies still due. We are delighted at the thought this will help put a smile on the face of a child who perhaps has not had much to smile about in recent times!

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