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​Pre-Prep Find New Ways to Connect with Loved Ones

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When the disappointing decision was taken to cancel their annual Grandparents’ Day, our Pre-Prep team decided to propose a new way of connecting with loved ones – letter writing. The annual event, which centers around family and usually sees around 100 attendees taking part, is always popular. So, this year, the children were asked to draw a portrait of a special someone, whether that’s mum, dad, granny or grandad, and accompany it with a short message. They were then encouraged to send the portrait to their chosen recipient; a small yet meaningful gesture that would no doubt go a long way.

Inspired, Year 1 pupil Carmen D decided to take the project to a new level. Over the past few weeks she has been sending her grandma weekly stories to keep them both entertained during lockdown. Much to her surprise, grandma had a similar knack for storytelling and together they created The Adventures of a Girl and her Magic Kitten.

The story follows the tale of Sally and her magical sidekick, Buttercup. When Buttercup’s fur begins to sparkle, the two are transported to an enchanted Candy World filled with cookies, marshmallow and drumstick lollies. In their latest adventure, the pair stumble across a majestic yet sad candyfloss pony. Why is he sad? That's a good question! It's over to you Grandma!

We can’t wait to read the next instalment!

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