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What a delight it was to show prospective parents around Pre-Prep last Friday morning during our Open Day. It is always a pleasure to see our provision through ‘fresh eyes’ and hear their first impressions of what they see. As ever, the Forest School area for our Early Years children received many favourable comments as children toasted marshmallows, ducks waddled past having their usual morning ‘gossip’, chickens showed off their feathers and the possibility for adventure was clearly obvious.

I had asked our children during assembly that morning what they would say to one of our visitors if they were asked what they liked about King’s Hall. The response was quite varied with children telling me that they loved a particular subject (maths being a firm favourite among many), that they loved the school lunches, that their teachers taught them lots of fun things and that they loved going to the forest each week. However, it was later on during the morning when I witnessed for myself what is so special about our school when a Year 8 boy, who was due to take one of the families I had shown around Pre-Prep on a tour of the Prep school, made my heart fill with pride. Unfortunately, the family he had been asked to show around had come the previous week and so was not there. He was clearly quite saddened by this and so I told him he could join in with one of the other pairs of Year 8 children who were conducting tours for other families. His response was, “that wouldn’t really be fair as it would spoil their fun of leading their tour”. This young man began his King’s Hall journey in Pre-Prep where the foundations of such empathy, friendship, loyalty and integrity begin. He is now nearing the end of his King’s Hall journey and one can only hope we will continue to plant the seeds in Pre-Prep to watch our children grow into such emotionally healthy and strong young people.

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