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As the children arrived back to Pre-Prep this morning, refreshed and rested after a well-deserved two week half-term break, we spent some time in assembly thinking about all of the exciting things the next six weeks brings. The most exciting for all of them is the anticipation of this year’s Nativity production. The Year 2 children are eagerly awaiting their first opportunity to have speaking parts while the children in Years 1 and Reception just love getting dressed up, learning songs and dances and being on stage. Of course, there is also the excitement of our Firework party on Friday night, our Children in Need day (for which the children have decided on how we should raise money this year) as well as school trips and Christmas parties.

We also spent time thinking about the solemnity this week brings as we approach Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. The children listened to a story, ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey, set during the First World War and telling the tale of two boys who spent their boyhood playing ‘armies’ and their early adulthood fighting as part of the real army. We learned of their bravery, their courage and their friendship. It also helped the children understand the reason it is so important we wear our poppies as a sign of respect, thankfulness and hope. We thought about how remembrance is something so much bigger and more special than just remembering and how silence is needed, in our busy, noisy world, to help us do it properly.

Pre-Prep will gather together at 11 o’clock on Friday 11 November for our own special Remembrance Service. Our eldest and youngest members of Pre-Prep will lay a poppy wreath and our incoming and outgoing Ambassadors will each present a short reading. We will listen to 'The Last Post' and respect a minute’s silence to remember the guns falling silent in 1918. Our children may only be very young but it is to their credit how well they instinctively know the importance of this event. I also hope it lays the foundations of the uncompromising respect they will hold in their hearts for all fallen and serving servicemen and women as they continue to grow.

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