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Looking back on these blogs it would seem that every time of the year is my ‘favourite’ and today I add another to the collection!

Today’s ‘favourite’ is based on having been able to dust off my ‘folk’ shoes for another year as I lead the Country Dancing hobby. It always transports me back to my early school days and one of my most treasured memories of dancing on Well’s Cathedral Green along with hundreds of other Primary School aged children on a bright sunny day in June in traditional dress to the familiar tunes we had tirelessly practised. The feeling of being part of something special remains with me to this day and I think that is one of the things I love so much about leading the hobby. The emphasis really is on having fun whilst working as a team. We manage some impressive dances, considering the age of the children (5-7 year olds) and they fully support each other to help remember what the next part of the dance is as well as congratulating each other when a new step has been mastered. It is also particularly lovely when I hear the children have gone home and taught their families the different dances and steps.

Next year my ambition is to take a group of King’s Hall children to Well’s Cathedral Green in the hope they too make a lifelong memory to cherish.

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