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As we enter the week leading up to Mothering Sunday, the children spent time in Monday morning’s assembly reflecting on all the things our wonderful mummies do for us. There were the usual contributions of the washing, cleaning, tidying up, helping me find things as well as some precious ones such as reading bedtime stories (as long as it’s not too late!), giving cuddles and just loving me. However, what took me by surprise, and once again forced me to recognise we are living in an increasingly technological age, were the responses such as, “mummy helps me to turn the Ipad on” and “mummy plays video games with me on the PlayStation”. Although these responses are likely very true and as every day as the cooking and the cleaning it did leave me feeling a little ‘old’ and yearning for a return to a more Enid Blyton existence for our very youngest children. I am the first to accept that technology needs to play a large part in our children’s lives as it is necessary in the world in which they are growing and the futures they have ahead of them. However, I am also passionate that computers and gaming in the virtual world to do not replace good old-fashioned playing in the real world. This is probably best summed up in the words of a wise Year 2 child who when answering the question about the most precious gift they could give on Sunday she replied, “Your time”. I therefore hope you all enjoy a wonderful Mothering Sunday in which you pencil in a good chunk of ‘time’ to celebrate the company of your amazing children (and that you also get spoilt rotten!)

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