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On Tuesday mornings one of my duties is to welcome the children who have arrived at school before 8.30am into Early Morning Club. It’s a fairly routine duty that requires minimal preparation and as the children are very ‘au fait’ with the routine the most one might have to do is give an occasional reminder about noise level. However, every Tuesday morning so far this academic year has been brightened by the arrival of a most wonderful grandfather who brings his granddaughter to school and, without fail, knocks on the door, wishes me a good morning and informs me his granddaughter is ‘reporting for duty’. I think it is a combination of the clear pride he has for his granddaughter and his traditional values that really stand out and makes one feel good. Having mentioned this to some of the other staff team who do the same duty on different days it would seem he has a gift of spreading what can only be described as ‘joy’ to us all. I shan’t reveal his name but I hope that he reads this and now knows how much his morning greetings are appreciated!

The relationship between children and their grandparents is such a special, unique bond that we often witness as grandparents increasingly do the ‘school run’. It is also something we celebrate biennially when we host our Grandparent’s Afternoon and welcome all of the children’s grandparents or special family friends to spend an afternoon in Pre-Prep. The children adore leading their grandparents on a tour, giving them special cards and gifts they have made, performing a special assembly in their honour and then serving them afternoon tea. I’m already looking forward to our next one scheduled for the Michaelmas term!

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