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I am especially enjoying teaching Year 2 about Hindu celebrations this term and have been impressed with the children’s observations when comparing some of the things they have learned with their own experiences. They were a little envious of the sixteen ‘samskaras’ a Hindu child would have to celebrate their journey through childhood and came up with some of their own ideas for what they think should be celebrated during a Christian childhood; the loss of the first and last milk tooth, learning to walk, the first word, the first smile/giggle and learning to ride a bike. Last week we found out about a Hindu wedding and as lots of the children had been to a wedding before, they were able to make some super comparisons. The girls especially admired the henna tattoos a Hindu bride would have painted onto her hands and feet which led to a discussion about how all brides, regardless of religion, want to look especially beautiful on their wedding day and equally the grooms want to look super smart and handsome. One boy looked quite horrified by this prospect and remarked when he gets married he will wear his “oldest jacket full of holes and some jogging trousers’. Another boy remarked that it had recently been his mum’s birthday and she had called lots of people in to help get her ready and “put stuff on her face” and seemed quite bemused as to why one would want so much fuss.

Most entertaining, however, has been learning some basic facts about the Hindu religion which has frequently turned into a game of ‘Give us a Clue!’ much to the amusement of both the children and myself! Why don’t you play along? (Answers at the bottom of the page)

a) Where do Hindus worship? Grown-up boy + Bambi

b) What is the name of a special Hindu book? Daa daa da da da daaaa da da da da daaaa da da da da daa….the surname of the Star Wars villain

c) Which animals are holy to Hindus? Moo!

And for those of you of a certain generation:

d) What is the name of the Hindu belief that if you do good things, good things will happen to you and if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you? The first word of a Culture Club classic!


a) Hindus worship at a temple called a mandir.

b) Hindus have special books called the Vedas.

c) Cows are holy animals to Hindus. They do not eat cows or harm them in any way.

d) Karma

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