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Following on from our very successful ‘mock’ election a couple of weeks ago the children have now been invited to form their own parties to put forward their ideas for what Pre-Prep should do on one of our last afternoons before the summer holidays. They have to suggest what our lunch will be as well as an activity for us all to enjoy.

After an initial flurry of interest we are now left with the committed children who have been busy making lists, attending very important meetings, making posters and rosettes to present to us all tomorrow morning. It has been so interesting to observe their interactions, the way they have attempted to be democratic within their groups, how grown-up they have been when challenged to ask other staff in the school whether their ideas are viable or if facilities are available, how they have responded to setbacks and problem-solved to find alternative solutions; there are definitely some future MPs within each party!

The parties in the electoral race are:

The Big Pool Party who are offering a fish and chip lunch followed by ice-cream and marshmallows and an afternoon in the swimming pool.

The BBQ Party who are offering burgers and hotdogs for lunch followed by ice-cream cones with toppings and an afternoon of ‘fun with floats’ in the pool or a disco in the Arts Centre if it is wet.

The Rock and Roll Party who are offering pizza and chips or fish and chips followed by triple ice-cream and chocolate sauce and an afternoon of sports games.

The LAXWA Doughnuts Party who are offering a soup & bread or a salad bar lunch followed by cupcakes with various activities in the afternoon such as a waterslide and a disco.

The Super Hunt Party who are offering a picnic in the woods followed by a treasure hunt and a swim in the pool.

It’s going to be a tough decision for our children when they make their vote in the polling station. Who would you choose?

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