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In assembly this morning we spent some time thinking about all the ‘preparations’ we made to be ready for school today. We discovered the list was pretty long and were surprised we were still awake once we arrived at school! We also thought about other times when we have to make preparations for something important such as a holiday or a party. The children decided ‘preparing’ for things can be quite hard work and takes lots of effort, determination and perseverance but is usually worthwhile because of what is waiting at the end. This led to us thinking about the Christian community preparing their hearts and minds for Easter as we approach the period known as Lent. We watched an animated version of the story of Jesus spending 40 days and 40 nights in the desert preparing his heart and mind for the work God had sent him to earth to. We thought about the importance of Him being on His own where he could quietly think about the very big job He had in front of Him. We also considered how terribly difficult it must have been for Him not to give into temptation and to make the right choices. The hushed silence as the children listened to the story and internalised, according to their limited experiences, the magnitude of what God wanted was quite powerful and I am sure some of the older children will have many questions for me when I meet them for RS later this week!

We are also preparing ourselves for the fun of Shrove Tuesday tomorrow with our annual Pancake races. The pancakes are ready, the tennis racket ‘frying pans’ polished, the finishing tape sourced, the sweet treats purchased and the competition amongst staff beginning to bubble……just time to practise the art of ‘pancake tossing’ and establish strategy of tossing before one starts running or whilst running...results in Pelican News at the end of the week!

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