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The alarm clock rang out at 5.00 am this morning signalling the start of another academic year. Whilst it would be untrue to say I ‘sprang’ out of bed (creaky hips and knees do not allow such athleticism!) I did wake with a sense of energy, excitement and anticipation, as I do at this time every year. There is something quite magical about a new school year when everything is shiny and new and we all reunite after a long summer break. There is also a tinge of nervous energy mingled in with the excitement as we contemplate getting back into routine, hoping we have remembered all that needs to be remembered and nothing has been forgotten.

I have just finished the first assembly of the term in which I spoke to the children about today being the start of a new adventure for all of us. Just like their new shoes which probably feel a little strange at the moment, so too will their new classroom and the new routines. We also thought about how it is just as strange for the teachers who have to get used to new children and find out how to best help them learn. However, just as those new shoes soon start to mould to our feet and become familiar and comfortable, so too will they adjust to life in a new classroom with a new teacher.

I was delighted to see every single child (and teacher) had a beaming smile upon their face and even those new to our family were not shy to share their ideas. They also confirmed what I already knew; that they are simply brilliant children, keen to work hard, do their best and make us all proud.

I’m so looking forward to watching all of their adventures unfold over the coming days, weeks and months!

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